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03/12/2012 / creedreamz


So this word/phrase has multiple meanings; it is working as both pleasant and crappy.  For the sake of sanity, I am choosing to mix up the order to which I’ll explain my meanings.

First off, I got food poisoning last night again, err this morning at 2am (seriously?!).  This is the 4th time I’ve experienced food poisoning while being in Jamaica, and all 4 times it has been within the last like 6 or so months.  The common denominator, RICE (and I’m not talking Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevate, either).  After my last episode of food poisoning, I learned that rice actually is known for being a food poisoner.  You must make sure you prepare AND store it properly.  I didn’t even cook the rice this time, either.  It was my usual Sunday Dinner from Auntie Daphne.   *sigh* Oh well… Looks like I’m just gonna avoid rice for a while.  Today I’m sipping on water with oral rehydration salt and nibbling on “blan” foods, considering my stomach still “tastes” like vomit.

There are tiny little ants that like to invite themselves into my home.   They NEVER bite me, no.  Instead they eat holes in my clothes and devour the tiniest of crumbs they can find in my kitchen (and I keep my kitchen CLEAN).  One place they have recently voyaged to, is my tea kettle.  This does NOT make me happy.  I have to boil my water, then put it into a container, and cool it before I can drink it.  As you can imagine, it is not nice to pour out your water, only to see some ants thinking they’re on the worlds greatest water-slide into a lazy river.  *Dumps out entire container of water* (SERIOUSLY?!)

On a more positive note, I decided to wash out my tea kettle.  How did I do this act?  I put dish soap in it, along with the water.  As my kettle began to whistle, it spewed out water [from the spout], and bubbled over the top like a volcano (Seriously!?)!   It was soooo cool!  And I even got a lil mopping of my floor out of it. 🙂 *Even though I deep cleaned my house all day yesterday.*

A quorate finding:  Bran Bun (spiced bun made from wheat flour instead of regular flour) is scrumptious, but incredibly crummy (seriously?!). Can’t it be a healthier snack, withOUT the mess?  It only unintentionally lures those little ants to come “help” me clean up when they are anything BUT invited.

Today I’m planning to put up my Christmas decorations (seriously?!).  It’s “next year” already?!? Holy goodness.  I can’t believe it’s Christmas again already!  What happened to the last year of my life?  Wow… By the way, I’m totally listening to Christmas music while I type this blog. 🙂

Saturday, December 1, was World AIDS Day (WAD).  I can do a LOT of negative ranting on this; however, I’m going to refrain.  In lieu, I am going to regurgitate what Peace Corps bored into our heads during all our trainings/conferences: As long as ONE person shows up, it’s a success!  So I had about 7 or 8 people actively participate in my event.  Let’s back up… I have been working on this WAD  event for a good month.  I put A LOT of effort into making it a fun affair.  I kinda built an expectation up that it people would show up (mistake #1, don’t ever have high expectations in PC, unless you’re 100% sure, it’s like setting yourself up for disappointment). In any case, I started the day with a n HIV/AIDS Quiz Competition.  I had 4 contestants (I expected almost nobody, so that was a plus, see how it works).  They all seemed to have a great time. It started about an hour and a half later than I wanted, but megh, all was good.  So now I’m just waiting for 6pm so I can begin my main event.  Keep waiting.. I decided to start around 6:30pm since there was an important football (soccer) game being played.  So yeah, people came in and out during the event.  It was an extremely interactive happening.  Oh and earlier in the afternoon, I went around the community pinning red ribbons on people reminding them about the event.  So people KNEW!  And people were in the computer lab the same time my meeting was going on (SERIOUSLY?!).  People just CHOSE not to show up.  I can sit here all day and give “excuses” as to why nobody came, but that would get exhausting.  Like I said, I’m going to stick to the positives (and not HIV ;-)).  People DID learn new facts and they did have fun. 🙂 Cool.  I guess I just thought that since I had a lot of advertisement prior to this event and put more effort into it, that more people would show up.  As opposed to last year when I did everything the NIGHT BEFORE with next to no advertisement, and a bunch of people came.  I guess last year I was still “new” so people came just to “see me?”  I don’t know…

As of yesterday, December 2, 2o12, I have NINE MONTHS til I come home!  I’m in SINGLE DIGITS (SERIOUSLY?!)!!  So crazy!!!  Where has all the time gone?  Once January hits, I can’t say “next year” or “next September” anymore!  It will be “this September,” which sounds far closer than “next.”  Ha… So yeah.. Yup… I really hope I can snag a job before I leave JA.  It would just make my life in the States more sane, you know?  Just having a job and knowing where I’m going to live…yeaahh..that kind of stuff.  I’m pretty sure I want to settle down somewhere in the Chicago area for the next few years of my life (at least).  I miss all my friends and family and it will just be nice to be around socialness.  🙂

Okay, I’m done for now (seriously)!  Yyyeeaahh… My plans are getting a lil shaken up today, but it’s cool, typical Jamaica. 😉

Until next time…Likkle more!



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  1. Janet Pearson / Dec 3 2012 12:53 pm

    Maybe I should bring ant poison. 🙂

  2. Aunt Shannon / Dec 3 2012 11:47 pm

    OMG Crystal! How are you doing? You cannot afford to lose anymore weight!!! let me know how you are doing. I wish family was there to help you/ No more rice for you! Love you

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