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08/01/2013 / creedreamz

Hello! For the first time this year!

It’s been about a month since my last update.  Guess why?  My keyboard decided to go AWOL on me again!  Blegh… Fortunately, my paps came to the rescue (no, not physically, unfortunately), but he got me a Christmas present of  new computer!! 🙂  So here I am, finally “with time” to update.  Probably I have far too much to talk about and it will end up being a HUGE post; ergo, I will headline and bullet point for brevity.

2012 Miss Queensbury Competition

– Held Saturday, December 22, 2012

– “Funday” day events…didn’t really work out…err people didn’t really come

– I turned our meeting room into a “Winter Wonderland” 🙂 (See picture below)


– Main event (Crowning of Miss Qbury 2012) – I was freezing.  Ok, no FREEZING like back in Valpo, but I was COLD!!

– Because of said coldness, the second the winner was announced, MJ and I booked it home.

– Unfortunately, a nice warm shower was NOT waiting for us, instead the shower (I swear) had ice coming out of it.

– Eventually, we got warm.

Christmas Happenings!!

– This Christmas was completely different than last year, in a good way.  Last year I spent it in my community (country-style) so this year I decided I wanted to spend it up in Stony Hill, to catch a different feel. 🙂

– Sunday, Dec 23, MJ and I just chilled and relaxed.

– Monday was a travel day.  We headed back to Kingston (Stony Hill)

– Met some more of MJ’s HS friends on the way (2 dudes, pretty cool, for the most part)

– Drove through Grand Market to get some “NEEDED” shoes for MJ (she doesn’t NEED more shoes, no no no)

– People are crazy and Grand Market is NOT a place for vehicles.  Pedestrians definitely have the right of way…AT ALL TIMES

– Went to church Christmas morning.  Probably the EMPTIEST I’ve ever seen a church on Christmas morning.

– I was so cold during church. No these cold moments are not sarcastic cuz I live on a tropical island.  I was freaking COLD, okay?!

– Naturally, the very second I got home, I stripped outta my church clothes, into jeans n whatnot.

– Ann’s husband picked me up and I spent the rest of the day over at her house with her family.

– It was super awesome to spend Christmas with a big family.  It reminded me of going to family Christmases back in the States. 🙂

– I met back up with MJ and Miss Icy at Miss Silvy’s house.  Oh man.. THAT was a hoot! haha.. HUGE family part happening.  It was great to see a lot of the people there, Miss Silvy loves me. 🙂 I got there in time for them to give out presents.

– They had one person hand out all the presents.  It went as so: In a loud excited voice, “[insert person’s first n last name]” After the name is announce, everyone screams and claps.

-Person receiving gift then enters the room with an exstatic, “I GOT A PRESENT!! YYYEAAAHHH!!! WOOO!!” Perhaps even adding in a lil dance.

– Great times. Indefinitely

– December 26 is “Boxing Day”  which has absolutely NOTHING to do with the sport of boxing.  It originates from “back in the day” when servants would receive “Christmas Boxes” from their superiors.  Anywho, National Holiday, nothing is open.  MJ an I head back to country.

– She introduces me to her hometown and where she “did de baawn  n grow.”  It really is fun to see the initial excitement of someone go home who hasn’t been home in while.

-She grew up in Manchester, the Parish next door to mine (St. Elizabeth)

– Met her Aunty and had some AMAZING Manish Water (Google it…no really, do it.. here’s a link, see 1st ingredient).

– Played my first LEGIT game of Dominoes since being in Jamaica.  It was MJ n I vs 2 old dudes.  We obviously won…one game out of 6. But hey!  We prided ourselves on that win!

– While she did some other family bonding, I got to chill with Felecia (MJ’s high school bestie).  Felecia and I are already well acquainted with each other. It was fun to see her home, as well, and meet her family.  Loved it. Once again, I go to a place where I can feel “at home.”  Love that about Jamaica/Jamaicans.  If they like you, they make sure you’re comfortable.

– The three of us went out that night, met up with the other two dudes (friends I recently met), played some more dominoes and then some pool.  MJ still is…working on her Pool skills.  It was definitely a time when I wished I had Pool Shark Skills like my sister.  I’m not GREAT but I don’t COMPLETELY suck. lol

– They tried to get me to dance…I have a rule in Jamaica.  I don’t dance in public (around Jamaicans)….unless I’m seriously inebriated, which doesn’t happen.  I’m an okay dancer, I LOVE to dance, but Jamaicans have a different flavor of dance.  I’m not the biggest fan.

-That essentially concludes my Christmas time. 🙂

-I had a GREAT Christmas

Happy New Year!!

– I rang in the New Year up in Stony Hill, as well.  What can I say, MJ is clearly one my besties.  Also, I  had an eye apoitment on the 2nd in Kingston, so it worked out well. 😛

– NYE..what did we do? Oh yeah.. NOTHING. Taha.. Probably MJ n I made 1,344 plans, essentially leading us to just stay at home, watch the fireworks on TV n sleep soon-there-after 2013 was here.

-Apparently  bathing earlier in the day was a chore, as was trying to get all dressed up to go out.

– Not to mention we’re both B-R-O-K-E.  Thank you Christmas and gas for tiefing our money.

– It was nice to have a nice chill time at home.  I enjoyed it.

– New Year’s Day brought in more relaxation time.

Eye Apt

– When was the last time YOU had your eyes checked?  Oh deary…

– I got my eyes numbed 3 times.  Weirdest feeling ever.

– Had a lens sucked to my eyeballs (good news – no glaucoma)

– Watched myself practically go blind as my pupils dilated

– Walked in the mid-day sunlight while eyes were dilated. Not fun or easy by any means.

– Had my sunglasses on, but they didn’t do too much help.

– Had a jack with a hood, so I walked with that over my face to create shading.  Kinda helped.

– Good news…my eyes are fine and I probably have above average peripheral vision. Whaddup. I’m awesome. That’s all.

Christmas in January!

– Yesterday I got my Christmas gifts from my mom’s side of the family!!

– Had to travel to Negril for it! (She sent a suitcase down with a friend that came to a resort)

– Woke up at  5:15am, was out the house by 6:15am. Did my 30min walk to get a taxi.  Was on the road by 7am.

– Arrived at the resort at 9am.

-Found Jordan at 11:30am.  What did I do in 2.5hrs?

-Made friends with the front gate security guard (also made him do the most work he’s ever had to do).

– He was from St. Elizabeth 🙂 This played an important role in why he helped me so much! Yay for Parish Pride!

– After all of our detective work, I found Jordan.

-Unfortunately their time schedule did not comply with mine.

-He gives me the suitcase

– I decide to open said suitcase in the security office (since I made a new friend).

– He was happy for me.

– I was happy.

– I left and went home. 🙂


Well folks, that’s about all I got for now.  I gotta get ready to go to school.  Today is my first day back teaching of the year!! Yay!  Every term I feel I get better and better. Hopefully this one will work out even better than the last! 🙂

Happy Newest Year!

PS New Year’s resolution?  Get in better shape and keep it!  I know, everyone has this, but I really mean it.  I’m currently waking up early mornings and working out. 🙂 I REALLY hope I can keep this up.  I’m also certain that this routine will change throughout the year, but getting fit and eating healthy is the goal.  Also… I come home, for goodsies, in less than 8months!!!! Where has all the time gone?!

Enjoy the pictures 😀  (That are not in chronological order)

Santa's Corner for the Fun Day!

Santa’s Corner for the Fun Day!

My Christmas Tree and presents

My Christmas Tree and presents

Merry Christmas to me!

Merry Christmas to me!

YAY for a brush!

YAY for a brush!

Walkin in a Winter Wonderland :-)

Walkin in a Winter Wonderland 🙂

Tamarind Tree lit up!

Tamarind Tree lit up!

Such the pro

Such the pro


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  1. Christine burd / Jan 8 2013 1:20 pm

    Happy New Year, Cree, and thanks for the update! It is always good to hear about your life in Jamaica. I am hoping that this yr. is filled with wonderful surprises for you . Luv Ya , Chris(Brie’s mom)

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